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Listen to The Resilience Journey Podcast with host Mark Hoffman and guest Jamie Gassmann

Updated: May 23, 2022

The Resilient Journey Podcast is proudly sponsored by The Resilience Think Tank. New episodes are released every Monday and can be found anywhere you enjoy podcasts.

Welcome to the Resilience Think Tank presents the Resilient Journey Podcast with host Mark Hoffman. Guest, VP Marketing for R3 Continuum, Jamie Gassmann, discusses an area of focus for the think tank in Q2 – mental health.

In episode 38, (part 1), Jamie and Mark cover an area that should get your interest as a business continuity and resilience professional – the idea that business resilience has to start with your people. Jamie will catch us up on trends related to stress in the workplace as people return to the office.

In episode 39 (part 2), Jamie explains:

  • How a more resilient workforce allows your organization to bounce back faster

  • Some misconceptions about mental health in the workplace

  • And we discuss how a leader can be effective in a crisis situation when they’re struggling to deal with it themselves.

The Resilient Journey Podcast is to explore some of the biggest issues facing organizations today and chat with industry leaders about ways we can all be more resilient. Be sure to follow The Resilient Journey!

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