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Resilience Think Tank co-founders are nominated for Awards 2022

June 2022 is a favorable month for the Resilience Think Tank as there a several nominations and awards. We are pleased to announce that co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank are shortlisted for Business Continuity Institute's BCI Americas Awards 2022:

  • Mark Hoffman MBCI

  • Ashley Goosman MBCI

  • Lisa Jones MBCI

We are very excited to celebrate the winners at the BCI's Virtual Ceremony on 9th June, at 3 PM (EDT).

Additionally, on June 16th, the 24th Annual Business Continuity Awards - the pinnacle of achievement in business continuity, security and resilience - will take place in the London Marriott Hotel.

The CIR Business Continuity Awards 2022 are the definitive mark of excellence in the sector, celebrating the past year's greatest successes in business continuity, security and resilience. Our 25 categories represent a number of opportunities for entrants to showcase their best people, products and projects.

Our co-founder Milena Maneva is nominated for three awards:

1. Business Continuity Resilience Manager of the Year

2. Incident Management Award

3. Transformation Award


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