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Resilience Think Tank on Voice America & Preparing for the Unexpected

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Hosted by Alex Fullick - March 3, 2022

Business Continuity & Operational Resilience: Is it the Same? Many people in the industry are pondering that question. Alex, joined by Ashley Goosman and Andreas Bryant, co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank, discussed the following:

a) Defining Operational Resilience

b) Is this is simply a rebranding exercise

c) Compliance and Regulatory factors

d) Existing frameworks that help with Operational Resilience

e) Dashboards and displaying value, and

f) Provide some tips and guidance on what BC/Resilience professionals can do to start themselves, their role, and their organization on a path of resilience.

Hosted by Alex Fullick - January 6, 2022

"If you are a Business Continuity or Resilience professional and you wonder what your future role will look like, or if you struggle to articulate your value to senior management and the business overall, for you." (From the Resilience Think Tank article "Articulating Value as a Business Continuity Professional", by Lisa Jones & Milena Maneva, September 2021). Alex interviews two of the co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank, Lisa Jones and Milena Maneva.

We have a very informative discussion on how to communicate our value to organizations and where we can help organizations succeed in BCM, Crises, and in Resilience. Some of the topics we touch on include:

a) Getting involved with, and how to approach, other organizational disciplines

b) Aligning BCM program to our organizations, rather than just a standard or guiding principle

c) Tie our actions to risks raised by our organization(s)

d) How to break down silos and create a network, and much more.


The Resilience Think Tank w/ Mark Hoffman and Andreas Bryant

Hosted by Alex Fullick on Preparing for the Unexpected

A great conversation with Mark Hoffman and Andreas Bryant, co-founders of the Resilience Think Tank, interviewed by Alex Fullick.

a) How the idea for a Think Tank came about

b) The goals, objectives, and purpose, of the Think Tank

c) What people can expect from the Think Tank

d) The team members...and lots more.

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