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The Future of Resilience is...featuring David Discenza

Here is another response to the #FutureOfResilience series by David Discenza, CBCP:

"The future of resilience has never looked brighter thanks, in part, to the disruption of the global supply chain due to the pandemic which has made everyone realize the importance of being prepared for disruption. My eighth grade English teach, Sister Joseph Michael, would have called that a run-on sentence and slammed me for it."

David Discenza CBCP

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David Discenza, CBCP, president of Discenza Business Continuity Solutions, has been involved in business continuity planning since 2009. He was the business continuity manager for the Risk & Information Management (RIM) group within American Express. His responsibilities included the development, maintenance and testing of their business continuity plan. He was also responsible for creating the emergency communication strategy for the RIM organization.

David works with companies in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Connecticut, and nationwide to help them formulate plans they can implement when an unexpected business interruption occurs. He does this by helping his clients identify risks they have not mitigated, including determining the financial impact of a loss of business functions, improving cybersecurity strategies and tactics, and prioritizing the order in which business functions need to be restored.

David is a graduate of Boston College and Indiana State University. He has extensive experience working with major US corporations including General Electric and CIGNA Healthcare. He has worked with businesses across industries in the Mid-Atlantic region to create their new business continuity plan and even provides a FREE template to identify business vulnerabilities and resilience. Often a presenter at professional conferences, workshops, and symposiums, David is certified as a Business Continuity Planner by the Disaster Recovery Institute International.


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