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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Jeff Dow

We thank Jeff Dow for contributing to our #FutureOfResilience series. Here is what Jeff said on the topic:

"The future of resilience is connectivity. As the world becomes more complex, whether understating the implication of more advanced AI to predicting the effects climate change will have on the planet, the ability to quickly share stories, best practices, and solutions become a critical capability. COVID forced many companies to resolve work from home strategies, many of us attended industry conferences to share ideas. More groups like Resilience Think Tank, Crisis Management Network, and Business Continuity/Resiliency Insurance Network are springing up to help connect practitioners across countries. These groups leverage LinkedIn and the various video meeting applications that have increased in use since March 2020. These tools help share ideas and allow near-instant communication during and after a disruptive event. Even if an event causes widespread power and internet outages, there are mobile platforms that can quickly provide those services. The future of resilience is multi-faceted, with connectivity being a critical component of our profession."


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About Jeff Dow

Jeff Dow manages CUNA Mutual Group’s corporate safety and resilience program and is a Coast Guard veteran. He is on the board of directors for the Iowa Contingency Planners, he is also a certified business continuity professional and holds master’s degrees in leadership studies and homeland security/emergency management. He is an accomplished, motivated, and strategic leader driven by challenge and the accomplishment of operational excellence. Skilled in business resiliency, crisis management, business operations, and training.


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