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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Kleiton Kühn

We thank Kleiton Kühn for contributing to our #FutureOfResilience series. Here is what Kleiton said on the topic:

In the future, it is expected that companies will continue to invest in measures to become more resilient, such as business diversification, preparation for crisis scenarios and the implementation of technologies that enable flexibility and adaptability. In addition, risk management will also be increasingly valued, as it helps companies prepare for possible threats. 5 key dimensions of business resilience that can be assessed for the future:
1. Flexibility & Adaptability: A company's ability to adapt quickly to changes and uncertainties in the business environment.
2. Business Diversification: A company's ability to have multiple sources of revenue, which helps mitigate the risk of dependence on a single market or customer.
3. Risk Management: A company's ability to identify, assess and manage the risks associated with its operations and activities.
4. Robust Infrastructure: the ability of a company to have the infrastructure, technology and human resources that make it possible to withstand challenges and crises.
5. Effective Communication: A company's ability to communicate effectively with its all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders and other interested parties) during periods of uncertainty and crisis.

Kleiton Kühn CBCI, MBCI

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Kleiton Kühn, CBCI, MBCI has more than 8 years of Business Continuity Management experience in different companies covering also Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management. He is a member of BCI (certified with merit) and the Chairman of the BCI Chapter Brazil as well as a moderator in events for portuguese speakers with audiences from Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Guine Bissau. His background is in working with information systems consultancy, IT project management and business relationship. He is recognized as a creative person, enthusiastic and cooperative attitude, always seeking the gradual evolution of processes and teams.


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