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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Tina Klaskala

We are pleased to feature Tina Klaskala in our #FutureOfResilience series. Here is what Tina had to say on the topic:

"The future of resilience is… to be understood as an intentional and shared responsibility. It may sound trite in passing but context always matters. Resilience in concept is capacity to withstand or recover quickly from interruptions; Resilience in application is all about capacity building in mission critical delivery areas.
Resilience is dependent on its very living presence, all the time, across work groups and leading organizations. Resilience being a shared responsibility means that it’s not only a governance policy or doctrine that is a requirement; it means that it’s something that must be stated and visible at the strategic value level of an organization. That will establish the expectation that each contributor demonstrates and incorporates that value within their respective areas."

Tina Klaskala, AMBCI

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Experienced Incident Management & Business Continuity professional with a demonstrated history of success inside several sectors of qualifying Critical Infrastructure and State Emergency Management. A strong program management professional, skilled in Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Emergency Management/Homeland Security Programs and Public Safety & Government Policy. Tina Klaskala has transitioned through a fascinating professional evolution. Having started her response career as a wild land firefighter with the US Forest Service in the 2000s, she was assigned to the front line of fighting destruction and protecting threatened communities. For the past decade, she has remained committed to similar occupational objectives in the field of business continuity, learning the importance of planning and resiliency with the potential aftermath when risks go wrong. Klaskala has solid advice to other young professionals: “Find your voice in knowledge, remain open minded and don’t be timid”.


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