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The Resilience Think Tank is attending and speaking at the BCI World Hybrid Conference 2022

The Resilience Think Tank is attending and speaking at BCI World Hybrid 2022 - taking place on November 2nd - a physical event in the city of London - with some keynote sessions live streamed virtually - accompanied by a 24-hour virtual conference.

The theme this year is "24 of Resilience". Join our Virtual Programme sessions for a Panel Discussion: Leading as the team of one.

  • How can professionals be successful?

  • How can someone who is a team of one demonstrate leadership across their organization?

  • Where does a team of one turn when they need help?

During this panel discussion we will answer these questions and provide simple tips to help the "Team of One" to be relevant to leadership, create and maintain program awareness, know how to ask the right questions and interact disparate teams.

RTT Panellists:

During the Physical programme, we have an exciting Workshop: Is this a resilience programme, or Battle Royale? with our co-founder and managing partner Mark Hoffman, MBCI. If you are attending in person, join Mark and his workshop:

  • You're dropped in the game as a team of one. You need to gather tools and resources as you go. Risks are everwhere. The storm circle is closing in.

  • Is it Fortnite, Battle Royale or just another day in the life of a resilience professional?

James Green, Lisa Jones and Milena Maneva are also delivering a few other virtual sessions. Join them!


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