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Shape the Future of Resilience, join our global RTT Community, become a member today! 

Join our inclusive global community if you are interested or passionate about risk and resilience, eager to collaborate, and share our vision of shaping the future of resilience! Membership is open to anyone who supports our mission!



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Reasons to join the Resilience Think Tank


When you join, you’re not just a member of the RTT, you ARE the RTT! This is your space, your opportunity to contribute and shape the future of resilience.


RTT provides a collaboration space that is open to ideas. Instead of working alone, join the RTT Community and grow!


Build your confidence by confirming things you know and learning about areas where you have less experience. This is a space where you are free to ask questions.


Contribute by writing articles, answering questions or helping someone who wants to learn more about your expertise.


Grow your network by chatting and collaborating with people from all over the world.

Working With the Best

RTT Founding Members & Thought Leaders

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DRJ Fall 2024 Conference
DRJ Spring 2025 Conference

Benefits & Opportunities

Learn about our membership benefits

Collaborate & Crowdsource

Do you ever wonder if your business continuity plans could be better? Do you struggle with putting together program reporting metrics? RTT Crowdsourcing allows all members of the RTT to have input into your design. Work with colleagues from all over the world and gain diverse perspectives on your work. 

Get Help, Offer Help

You could be new to Resilience or a seasoned professional. Sometimes we all could use a helping hand. Leverage your colleagues at the RTT and ask a question.  You’ll get a diverse perspective from members all over the world! And in return, you can offer help to another member when they have a question. Like the song says “we all need somebody to lean on.”

Explore Other Disciplines

Too often we get stuck in a rut and don’t have the opportunity to explore disciplines that closely align with resilience. Are you interested in learning more about cyber security, risk, supply chain, crisis management, crisis communications, public relations or something else? The RTT Forum allows you to explore these disciplines and connect with subject matter experts!

Corporate Membership

If you are interested in corporate membership, please send us a query on or complete the form below.

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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