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#FutureOfResilience - Where do we start?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

“The Future of Resilience is unpredictable! It is like trying to time travel without a time machine and without navigation. Stay in control and lead regardless of the storm you are up against!”

Tell us what you believe the Future of Resilience looks like. We want to hear from you! Record a 30-60 second video telling us what you think the future of resilience looks like. Simply finish this sentence “The Future of Resilience is…” and send to

Camera shy? Post your thoughts on the Resilience Think Tank LinkedIn page with #FutureOfResilience and tag the Resilience Think Tank.

*Format for short videos in mp4/PowerPoint or write to us via email, word, pdf. If the video size is too big, simply WeTransfer it or post it on LinkedIn/Twitter with hashtag #FutureOfResilience and tag the Resilience Think Tank.


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