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Resilience Pirate: Captain James Green

James Green named "Pirate in Resilience" by iluminr as part of their spotlight series: Gamechangers in Resilience.

Our co-founder and managing partner, James Green, was praised for being an advocate of intelligent risk-taking and for his expertise in the field of organizational resilience. He was named the BCI's Continuity and Resilience Consultant of the Americas in 2020, making him the first to receive this award twice. James is also recognized for his co-founding roles in Illuminate Advisory, which inspires organizations through thought leadership and strategic partnerships to harness the power of risk, and the Resilience Think Tank, which provides independent guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry worldwide. He played a significant role in building awareness of iluminr and continues to be an influential figure in the company's evolution.

Additionally, James is in the process of writing his first book titled "Hurricane Irma Ate My Pants" which discusses life as a Resilience Pirate, navigating stormy waters in business operations, and challenging the status quo in resilience. He encourages organizations to embrace intelligent risk-taking, foster a risk-aware culture, and develop a pirate's spirit of resilience and adaptability. James also emphasizes the importance of timing when considering risks and how leaders can successfully steer organizations through uncertainty while earning their crew's unwavering loyalty.

Thank you to iluminr for the special feature. The full article about James Green and "Pirates in Resilience: In Risky Seas" can be found here:

"In the world of Resilience, where adventure and danger converge upon treacherous seas, Captain James Green stands out. James Green is an advocate of intelligent risk taking, driven by the belief that risk can be a powerful tool to help organizations reach their maximum potential. Here, in a special spotlight of #Gamechangers in Resilience, he talks about life as a Resilience Pirate, the stormy waters of business operations, and challenging the status quo in Resilience."

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