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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Ratna Pawan

This week's post falls on International Women's Day and we are delighted to feature Ratna Pawan in our #FutureOfResilience series. Here is what Ratna had to say:

"The Future of Resilience is certain and will involve a continual focus on building robust Communities, Organizations, Individuals, Systems and Processes that can anticipate, withstand and recover quickly from events & disruptions. There is likely to be an enhanced emphasis on Environmental & Social Governance(ESG), mental wellbeing, emergency management & disaster response, new technologies, risk automation, etc. The Public & Private sectors will increasingly work together to build social connectedness and increase overall engagement. Ultimately, Resilience as a terminology is here to stay - in the Personal, Societal & Organisational realms and that will auger well in a new world where the risk & threat landscape will keep shifting."

Ratna Pawan, MBCI

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Ratna Pawan is currently a Program Director (Consultant) - Risk Advisory at EY, India, and has a significant and astute professional experience in Financial Services; across Non-Financial Risk Management, spanning Business Continuity, Information Security, Insider risk, Physical Security and Fraud. Her exposure across startup teams in two Indian start-up Banks, as well as in complex & matrix driven global multinational Banks and now in a Big 4 Risk Advisory team, has given her a unique, detailed & insightful understanding of working across the complete life-cycle of operations & risks, around global geographies. Ratna is a proud Committee member of the BCI Women in Resilience (WiR) group, the BCI Mumbai Chapter and was instrumental in forming the 'Women in BCM-India Group'.


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