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The Resilience Think Tank is speaking at DRJ Fall 2022

Our co-founders are attending and speaking at #DRJFall 2022 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, focusing on The Evolution of Resilience. Ashley, James and Lisa discuss the Next Generation of Resilience Professionals as part of our quarterly project theme.

Where is the Next Generation of Resilience Professionals?
Where is the Next generation of Resilience Professionals
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About Ashley Goosman, James Green, and Lisa Jones

Ashley Goosman has nineteen years of experience in the public and private sectors. She founded the Disaster Empire blog to educate and engage fellow practitioners. She started her career as a member of the America Red Cross’ September 11 Recovery Program in NYC, served as the Director of Emergency Services for the MA Dept. of Mental Health during the Hurricane Katrina-Mass Operation Helping Hand mission, was an adjunct Sr. Instructure-Disaster & Terrorism for healthcare administrators, and serves as a risk manager for a Fortune 100 company.

James Green is an advocate of intelligent risk taking, driven by the belief that risk can be a powerful tool to help organizations reach their maximum potential. Currently, he is the co-founder of Illuminate Advisory, which inspires organizations through thought-leadership, strategic partnerships, and hands-on guidance to harness the power of risk.

Lisa Jones is a gifted communicator with over 14 years experience promoting resiliency and elevating contingency planning visibility. She has led comprehensive programs within healthcare, education, and the manufacturing industry. She readily shares insight on planning awareness, recovery strategies and industry trends, through presentations, articles and thought leadership projects. She serves as president of The Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) USA Chapter. Lisa’s goal is to ensure organizations recognize the value business continuity professionals provide.

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