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A Recap of DRJ Fall 2023 Conference

Presenting our exhilarating Disaster Recovery Journal - DRJ Fall 2023 Conference Recap!

Our experience at DRJ Fall 2023 was nothing short of extraordinary. The conference was a powerhouse of insights, collaboration, and innovation, and a significant highlight was the gathering of the Resilience Think Tank managing partners in the same timezone. As a team spanning across Toronto (Canada), Philadelphia, Tampa (US), and London (UK), this alignment provided us with a remarkable opportunity.

The convergence of the Resilience Think Tank with our diverse community of colleagues, friends, and followers was invigorating. It allowed for meaningful connections and meaningful exchanges, not only with our established network but also with new faces including vendors and esteemed speakers present at DRJ Fall. The energy and enthusiasm within the Think Tank were palpable, further fueled by the rich interactions and insights gained from this dynamic event. The fusion of minds and ideas promises a compelling future in the realm of resilience and disaster recovery. Stay tuned for the exciting developments to come!

Lisa Jones, from the Think Tank prepared a fantastic recap of the conference for you.

One opportunity I look forward to each year is connecting with resilience professionals in-person as we learn together and get updated on the latest trends. I was able to experience this during DRJ Spring 2023. DRJ Fall 2023 gave me the opportunity to do it all over again.

The conference was successful in providing insightful and transformative knowledge. DRJ Fall 2023 spotlighted the “Focus on Resiliency” by introducing new approaches, technologies, and best practices to advance our industry. There were several themes emphasized throughout the conference.

Some of the most popular discussions I experienced at the conference centered around continuous monitoring, the use of artificial intelligence and the scalability of business continuity and disaster recovery. Technology plays a critical role in enhancing resilience. The use of predictive analytics and automated recovery processes is something professionals will need to continue to embrace to build resilient programs.

Another theme which organizations continue to struggle with is the human-centric approach to resiliency. While technology is crucial, the conference kicked off with Heidi Henna, MD, who provided a valuable discussion on the science of dealing with stress. The takeaway for Lisa is as much time and thoughtfulness as we take and creating resilient organizations, we need to invest the same amount of time in employee well-being as part of the recovery process.

Operational Resilience (OpRes) is another topic which our industry is learning to adopt. I took part in a panel discussion called, “Getting a Seat at the Table: Operational Resilience Has Earned It”. OpRes has been easier for regulated industries to implement. During our conversation we discussed approaches any organization can take to leverage OpRes within their program.

Lisa added:

The highlight of the conference for me was all the Managing Partners of the Resilience Think Tank met in-person for the 1st time! We formed the RTT virtually in 2021. Since that time, there have been opportunities for one or two of us to meet. Just like my experience in DRJ Spring, I loved finally connecting in-person. We are excited about launching our membership platform and are thrilled by the great response we are receiving from our community.

Milena Maneva, from the Think Tank, also enthusiastically shared her thoughts on her experience at DRJ Fall 2023:

The magnitude, active engagement, and the sheer calibre of speakers and participants left me astounded. The conference's primary focus on resilience was exceptional, encompassing a wide spectrum of captivating discussions and considerations vital to the resilience industry. From captivating sessions on AI and Crisis Management to the importance of self-care and personal branding, I found myself immersed in a wealth of knowledge, self-development opportunities, and inspiring visions for the future.
What truly stood out for me was the invaluable networking opportunity with my North America-based colleagues and peers. Engaging in discussions about the industry's current relevance, identifying common pitfalls and challenges, and exploring exciting prospects and advancements was an extraordinary experience.
Diversity was notably celebrated, both in the speakers and attendees, adding immense value to the event. The contributions from vendors, who actively participated, spoke, and exhibited their offerings, were noteworthy. I'm confident that this won't be my last DRJ conference, and I eagerly anticipate furthering my knowledge and expanding my network in the future.

Speaking of community, DRJ Fall did not disappoint in providing an atmosphere to build community. One of the most valuable benefits of attendance is networking opportunities with thought leaders, vendors, and practitioners within the industry. We are proud to be a part of an industry where people are willing to share their knowledge with others, as well as develop new relationships.

DRJ Fall 2023 underscored the need for organizations to adopt innovative technologies, foster a human-centric approach, and collaborate for a more resilient future. As the world continues to face challenges, the insights and strategies shared will play a vital role in helping businesses and communities recover and thrive in the face of adversity.

Connect with us, share what your experience at DRJ was like.


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