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#BCAW2022 'Building Resilience in the Hybrid World' with the Resilience Think Tank

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) celebrated another year of Business Continuity Awareness Week #BCAW2022.

Volunteers and professionals globally participated to deliver valuable content on a very important topic 'Building Resilience in the Hybrid World'.

Do you need help with your plans? Here are some tips for your #plans #BCP #BIA #playbooks. Let us know what is important to you?

Building Resilience in the Hybrid World with the Resilience Think Tank.

Tips for your plans, BCP, BIAs, playbooks

  • Avoid impersonal BCP/BIA surveys or Emails. Try a casual conversation instead.

  • Make plans relevant to the business / region / culture.

  • Add value by focusing on areas where you are needed most.

  • BCP is a combination of customer service, marketing and education.

  • BCP is NOT a compliance checklist. It’s about being building resiliency.

  • Help the business understand the valuable data BCM collects. Share it!

  • Be creative, be innovative - use more graphics, less text.

  • Don’t mistake page count for value.

  • Show yourself - face to face or virtually.

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