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Press Release: Resilience Think Tank/ Association of Continuity Professionals


March 28, 2024


The Resilience Think Tank, an institution dedicated to providing independent guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry, today announced a partnership with the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP), an organization that connects and supports a diverse community of resilience and continuity professionals. This strategic partnership will benefit continuity and resilience professionals.

Under this strategic alliance:

  • Resilience Think Tank members will enjoy exclusive discounts upon joining ACP, gaining access to a thriving network of like-minded professionals and invaluable resources.

  • ACP members, in turn, will benefit from discounted rates for participation in Resilience Think Tank webinars and workshops, enriching their knowledge base and expanding their skill sets.

“The Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) is very pleased to announce its partnership with the Resilience Think Tank (RTT). We believe we share common values and goals including an ally for resilience professionals, the growth of both young professionals and diversity within our profession, while remaining independent and vendor neutral. Our missions are aligned and we are thrilled to have RTT join us on The Road to Relevance,” said Michael Gifford, the Chair of the ACP National Board.

“Our partnership with ACP, whose chapter-based model leads the business continuity profession, empowers professionals in North America to shape the future of resilience,” shared James Green, one of the Managing Partners of the Resilience Think Tank.

About the Association of Continuity Professionals:

The Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) isn't just an organization—it's a community where resilience professionals connect, learn, and grow. At ACP events, professionals swap stories, share insights, and build lasting connections, accessing thought leaders, best practices, and industry trends to stay ahead in the resilience game. Membership at ACP means a commitment to professional development, with doors opening to opportunities, mentorship, and personal growth. We're not just theorists; we're catalysts for action, turning ideas into tangible results and effecting change within our spheres of influence. As a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, ACP operates on principles of genuine support and knowledge-sharing among professionals. Join us in navigating resilience together, fueled by camaraderie and determination. ACP: where professionals empower professionals, and resilience becomes a collective endeavor.

To learn more, visit:

About the Resilience Think Tank:

The Resilience Think Tank was founded in 2021 and is dedicated to providing independent guidance and research to the risk and resilience industry. We are committed to ensuring diverse voices are included in making communities and organizations more resilient. Join our global community as a member and help us shape the future of resilience.

Press Release Mar 28 2024 ACP DRJ Partnership
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