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James Green & Mark Hoffman speaking at Continuity & Resilience Today Conference in Toronto, Canada

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Are you attending Continuity & Resilience Today (CRT) Conference at the The International Centre -Toronto, Canada this October? Join Co-founders and Managing Partners, James Green and Mark Hoffman, speaking at CRT.

Continuity & Resilience Today (CRT) conferences are Canada's premier business continuity management events, providing global perspectives on current and emerging issues for continuity and resilience managers.

Join James Green on October 24th for his KEYNOTE: The Best of Tabletop Exercises in the World

Description: Tabletop Exercises are a key component of a robust business continuity program. And for many resilience professionals, it is one of the few times that we meaningfully interact with executives and stakeholders. But a successful tabletop exercise is more than just surprise injects. And in a post COVID world, it’s becoming a challenge to capture the same audience’s attention year after year. Quality exercises challenge our audience’s perceptions and keep people engaged. Great exercises enable our organizations to mitigate risk. This session will explore the key facets of a great exercise, common pitfalls to avoid, and help you conduct the best tabletop exercises in the world.

Description: Participants will engage in a comprehensive training program designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively respond to cyber incidents within their organizations. This workshop places a strong emphasis on building an effective response team, fostering good decision-making practices, and communicating effectively in times of crisis. Key Workshop Objectives: (1) Building an Effective Response Team: Participants will learn how to assemble and lead a cross-functional response team, comprising IT specialists, legal experts, communication professionals, and other key stakeholders. They will understand the importance of roles, responsibilities, and coordination within the team to ensure a swift and organized response. (2) Good Decision-Making: The workshop will emphasize the significance of making informed and timely decisions based on pre-planning, during a cyber incident. Participants will engage in a scenario-based exercise that will test their decision-making skills. (3) Effective Communication: Effective communication is vital during a cyber incident. Participants will learn to develop clear and concise communication strategies for both internal and external stakeholders, including employees, management, regulatory bodies, and the public. This will involve crisis communication planning and practice. (4) Role Play and Mitigation: Through hands-on simulation, participants will take on various emergency management roles within the context of a cyber incident. These role-playing exercises will provide practical experience in mitigating the impact of the incident on their organizations.

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