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The Future of Resilience is...featuring David Ferbrache

Here is what David Ferbrache had to say about the #FutureOfResilience.

"The future of resilience is… a realisation of its importance by executives who see it as fundamental to maintaining the trust of customers, partners and regulators. Executives demand a holistic business led approach embedding resilience through design and culture, emphasizing agility of response, speed of recovery and focus on reducing harm."

David Ferbrache

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David is an award-winning UK national cyber security expert and the Managing Director of Beyond Blue with over 25 years of cyber and information security expertise. David is the chair of the Scottish National Cyber Resilience Board overseeing and challenging the implementation of the Scottish National Cyber Resilience strategy. For his services to national security post 9-11, David was awarded an OBE and in 2018 was awarded personality of the year in the cyber security awards.


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