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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Peter R. Laz

Another week, and another great post featuring Peter R. Laz in our #FutureOfResilience series.

"The future of resilience is deep and wide. It is a corporate imperative for organizations interested in growing a positive brand and increasing profitability. It is not a “get rich quick scam”. It requires a clear vision and active engagement throughout the organization. None of that will occur without a culture that drives resilience perspectives into the fabric of everyday decisions, by everyone from first line employees through the entire C-suite. I’ve heard some folks say it is the next generation of BC/DR or Operational Risk or Enterprise Risk. I won’t argue that “resilience” is an evolution of those disciplines. However, it is more than that. Those disciplines, at their core are risk management initiatives. Resilience is more connected to corporate strategy. It seeks to embrace fresh opportunities as they begin to arise in the changing markets and operational environments. It is a more significant factor in long-term strategic decisions than legacy risk management. Resilience is more of a business transformation driver. For organizations who want to be truly trusted by their market which will directly lead to increased profitability and sustainability – then resilience is a corporate imperative."

Peter R. Laz MBCP, MBCI

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About Peter R. Laz MBCP, MBCI

Peter R. Laz is a senior-level resource who helps clients design, implement and manage operational risk and resilience programs. Peter focuses on guiding executives and continuity leaders to maximize the value of operational resilience programs and solutions. Peter spent nearly 20 years building and directing technology recovery, business resumption, and crisis management programs in a variety of industries. Peter has also led consulting practices where he was responsible for leading a team of professional consultants and developed best-practice methodologies. Peter is responsible for driving the evolution of operational resilience programs and is a member of DRJ’s Executive Council.


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