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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Deborah FitzPatrick

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Deborah FitzPatrick, MEmMgt (Hons) MBCI commented about the #FutureOfResilience:

"We must be ready for the future of resilience, our plans, and our strategy must be forward-looking. It is more than individual companies being agile and adaptable to change. It is those company's staff from top to bottom being flexible and resilient within themselves. Without being aware, knowledgeable and exercising staff business continuity management and emergency management actions will be significantly reduced. In addition, resilience goes beyond the walls of business as society is connected through businesses large, medium and small. Companies and businesses need to be connected to their staff and their external communities to truly enhance flexibility and adaptability across society. Enhancing social capital. Society Matters!"

Deborah FitzPatrick MEmMgt (Hons) MBCI

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About Deborah Fitzpatrick MEmMgt (Hons) MBCI

Having led business continuity management (BCM) and resilience within St John Ambulance in New Zealand for almost four years, Deborah Fitzpatrick MBCI drives for the continuing progress of BCM within the organization. Deborah graduated with her Masters in Emergency Management degree from the Auckland University of Technology in 2018. She was also a speaker at the BCI Australasia Summits, Sydney 2018 and 2020 (virtual), and presented a webinar during BCI Business Continuity Education month in 2020. She serves as the current BCI Auckland Chapter Deputy Lead and is a member of the BCI World Horizons Programme Advisory Group 2021.


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