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The Future of Resilience is...featuring Maura Santunione

Here is what Maura Santunione had to say about the #FutureOfResilience:

"The Future of Resilience is people prepared in lean and flexible organizations. Throughout history, humans have shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity, and this will continue to be a defining characteristic in the future. By prioritizing the human factor, organizations can better prepare for both expected and unexpected challenges. When people are prepared and empowered to plan and manage the unplannable, they can make all the difference in even the toughest situations."

Maura Santunione MBCI SLI-ISO22301 (PECB)

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Maura is a Global Business Continuity & Resilience Officer at Royal Philips (Philips) within Group Operations – Integrated Supply Chain (ISC). Her key accountabilities are the implementation, the compliance of the ISO22301 certified global business continuity management system (BCMS) in the sites assigned to me, related processes, and the compliance of the global Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program, which entails the Manufacturing Sites in the EMEA Region, Indonesia, the Amsterdam HQ. She strongly believes in the continuous improvement and in the lean approach to achieve the excellence.


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